Highlights of our trip to Bournemouth


After 3 fabulous days and many excursions to Portland and Weymouth, ensued the

highlights of the week.

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On Tuesday the bus took us to Salisbury, a beautiful town in the north of Bournemouth. There we visited Salisbury Cathedral with its Magna Carta, a super important historical document. Our Harry Potter admirers were exited, too. We recognised many scenes of the movies, which were filmed there. After a short tour through the cathedral we left Salisbury and drove to Stonehenge.

There, a shuttle bus took us to the stones. We beheld some massive rocks, which we knew from photos. They were extremely huge.

Albeit Tuesday was awesome, Wednesday topped everything for the majority of us.

After an early pick up and 3 hours in the coach we arrived in London. By tube we got to our first stop of the sightseeing tour. London Eye, Buckingham Palace as well as Piccadilly Circus were magnificent. Later on we spent our free time shopping and exploring the city ourselves.


After an exciting day we arrived a bit exhausted, but totally happy at 10.30 pm. at our host families.






Charlotte 9/3

Our first days in Bournemouth

How quickly the time went by. We were just in 5th grade and dreaming about going to England someday.
Well the day came quicker than anticipated.

We arrived in Poole on the 5th october. Everyone (except us) was picked up just 10 minutes after our arrival.

On Saturday everybody spend some time with their host families. Talking, getting used to some things and exploring our suroundings.

On Sunday we went to Portland and Weymouth. In Weymouth we also ate "Fish and Chips" for the first time!
In the evening everybody had much fun at the karaoke party.

The next day we had five lessons at Cavendish school of English. Later, we got some more freetime
(thank god).

While the sun was going down, we enjoyed a great game of bowling.

I think everybody had a brilliant first three days.

Maxim 9/2